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Moon Walk Studios

Winter Frozen Droplet Chandelier

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  1. Description - Inspired by Winter nature, where trees become sculptures of icy drops.​​Following a vertical and horizontal visual guide, the Glamour Collection represents winter's nature where trees turn into ice sculptures. These lighting installations with inherent organic presence spread downwards and along with ceilings and walls, being able to be an effectively adaptable piece in any interior. Regardless of the model design, the collection exposes an interesting dualism of weights and materials, in a varied range of chromatic and finishing options to be chosen for each project. The possibility to create any kind of colour combination opens the way to a versatile outcome, establishing a limitless key-piece.​Ideal for areas where vertical and horizontal majestic extensions are possible.
  2. Material - Glass and Metal
  3. Dimensions- L 27” x W 27” x 49   

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30--45 DAYS