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Moon Walk Studios

Anthropologie's Popular Gleaming Primrose Mirror

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Product Details

  1. Description-It's love at first sight with this stunning, vintage-inspired mirror fit with jeweled adornments at its apex and edges. Placed above a bathroom vanity, entryway console or over a fireplace mantel, this mirror magnifies any room with a grandiose, yet delicate appeal.
  2. Material – Teak Wood
  3. Dimensions – 60" x 18"

Customization & Delivery

As it’s said that the let "the journey be more beautiful than the destination" we would like both to be rewarding. Your journey with us starts with a sketch that will take us 7 days, and then at every stage of the 4 weeks customization process, we will share the pictures/videos with you so that you can tweak and maneuver as per your needs. Once done, we will share a final product picture with you and then ship it across. For customization queries, call 7982693696 Mon-Sat(10 AM to 6 PM)

Delivery Time

30--45 DAYS