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Moon Walk Studios

Ahead Of The Curve Three Seater Sofa

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  1. Description - One who likes entertaining and being the center of attention. Your home is your stage, where you act out your role in full colors for the benefit of your audience. You live for the moment and are prepared to take risks, shutting rules and routines, THE Ones’s curve three seater sofa is your perfect prop.
  2. Material – Teak And Upholstery
  3. Dimensions-Price -W 84 inches x 18 inches D x H 30 inches x seat height 18 inches approx

Customization & Delivery

As it’s said that the let "the journey be more beautiful than the destination" we would like both to be rewarding. Your journey with us starts with a sketch that will take us 7 days, and then at every stage of the 4 weeks customisation process, we will share the pictures/videos with you so that you can tweak and manoeuvre as per your needs. Once done, we will share a final product picture with you and then ship it across. For customization queries, call 7982693696 Mon-Sat(10 AM to 6 PM)

Delivery Time

30-45 DAYS